Traversing the Rockies

After leaving Bent’s Fort we started the climb over the Rocky Mountains.  Sydney handed the slow elevation gain from about 3000 to 5000 feet over a distance of 100 miles.

We then had a fairly steep 600 foot climb to 6400 feet.  Sydney needed to be in third to finish the climb at about 45 mph.

We followed the Arkansas River, climbing to 7000 feet.


Then the final climb to 11,400 feet started.  8,000 to 11,400 over 10 miles.  I am sure we pissed a bunch of people off because we were only moving at 25 mph during the climb in second gear.

We had rain and ice at the top.  From 93 degrees to freezing in a few hours.

We spent the night in Gunnison, Colorado.

About Carl & Mary

Two crazy individuals who enjoy old trucks, life in the slow lane (off the Interstates), and observing life in the United States.
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