Sydney is an 1980 International Scout Traveler powered by a Nissan SD-33T Turbo Diesel.  Mary and I acquired Sydney in 2006.

History – Sydney was sold by Maddox in Sydney, Nebraska.  The dealership took Sydney back on trade and the dealership owner had it repainted.  The factory stripes were masked off during painting so they are actually below the paint rather than on top.  We purchased Sydney from a third owner in Lincoln, Nebraska in January, 2006.

We put about 8,000 miles on Sydney during the summer of 2006.  In August, the engine blew a head gasket just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota.  The vehicle sat in the garage for 3 years before I purchased another Traveler with the turbo diesel and we performed an engine swap in the fall of 2009.

We have put about 14,000 miles on Sydney since the engine swap.

It gets about 22 miles per gallon running 60 – 65 miles per hour.  With a 33 gallon after market tank, the humans need to stop long before the vehicle does.


2 Responses to Sydney

  1. Steve and Barb says:

    Hope you guys are having fun. Check the radar and looks like your going to have good weather. Stay safe.

  2. Pam Hatfield says:

    Carl and Mary hope you have a great adventure!!

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