Sneaking Into Utah

Welcome to Utah sign

Welcome to Utah sign

While traveling US Highway 50 southeast of Grand Junction, I was amazed by the open spaces with not much there.  You can see for miles and most of it is empty.


After Grand Junction we found that US 50 continued parallel to I-70.  We don’t have to travel I-70 yet!  About four miles outside Fruita was a sign, “Through traffic take I-70”.  But that doesn’t apply to us and we continue on.  In a few miles,  “Cattle Guard” sign.  Bzzzzt,  didn’t slow down enough! And 20 miles of open range.  Two houses, no vehicles, just open land!  The road is bumpy, but good. Another cattle guard and “Welcome to Utah”.  We are now on an abandoned road.  Gravel, potholes, and missing asphalt.  About 6 miles into Utah we could get onto I-70.  We had snuck into Utah!

This photo shows another section of old US 50 about 40 miles further west.  The road on the left is the old highway.  I-70 is to the right.


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  1. Dennis Petterson says:

    You guys should write a book.
    This could be a retirement job. Travel and write. I know I would read them. About this time in the trip I would say ” crap,only five weeks left ” I am really jealous. You guys mind a phone call sometime?

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