Small World Las Vegas Style


We drove up the Las Vegas Strip this afternoon.   That was enough of Las Vegas for Mary and I.

However, there were two Scout moments as we sat in traffic.

1) We hear a “Hey!” And there on the street is Doc Sommers from northern Wisconsin.  We see Doc every year at the IH Light Truck & Scout Nationals.   Doc called Mary.  He was in Las Vegas for a conference.  He recognized Sydney and the teardrop confirmed who we were.

2) Further up the Strip, again while stopped in traffic.  “Hey like your Scout.  What year is it?”  Mary answers, “1980”.  “We have a ’72,” is the reply and then we move on with traffic.




About Carl & Mary

Two crazy individuals who enjoy old trucks, life in the slow lane (off the Interstates), and observing life in the United States.
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  1. dzcinci says:

    I enjoy following your adventures! Looks like a great time.

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