Picture Canyon, Colorado

The sign said, “Picture Canyon, 23 miles.”  So off we head on gravel roads.

20141027_152333These are wonderful gravel roads, so smooth we can travel at 50 miles per hour.

About 2 miles before Picture Canyon we find a colony of prairie dogs.


I always thought their mounds were close together, but these mounds are spread out over about 5 acres with at least 50 feet between them.

Reaching Picture Canyon, we decide to spend the night with three other campers of deer hunters.


It was a great night for a crescent moon set and star gazing.


20141027_095002 This is similar to other Kiowa calendars.

Here is the view looking out from the cave where the calendar was found.



20141027_105031Returning to Sydney and the camper we collected some prickly pears.


The red fruit is slightly sweet, but stain your fingers red.

We talked to one of the hunters and he told us about another “cabin” about 4 miles down a side trail, so we unhooked Cali and headed down the trail.


20141027_125348(Sorry about the focus.  The camera focused on the bugs splattered on the windshield.)





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