Yesterday was full of nostalgia for me.

First,  I was wishing for the good,  old days on Highway 59 south out of Lawrence, Kansas.  Twenty years ago, Mary and I traveled this two lane road.  It winds through the countryside, through Baldwin City (home of Baker University, the first university in Kansas) and Ottawa.   Today it is another boring interstate.


But we also had wonderful visits with three sets of friends.

First we stopped at Pendleton’s Farm Market east of Lawrence.


20140923_124846Both Mary and I helped and worked for Karen and John during asparagus season.  They have pick-your-own asparagus.  I used to work on the weekends, guiding customers to the field.  Mary worked during the week.  She left the house at 5:00 am to first play bumblebee for the tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Then on the picking cart with two other people in the asparagus field.

We had a great lunch and then said goodbye.



Then on to the nursing home to visit Al and Lorita, John’s parents.  Al and Lorita were our Lawrence parents, calling us if we didn’t make it to church.

They are both about 90 and can still carry on a good conversation.

We then headed on to see Mark in Louisburg.  Mark is a fellow diesel Scout owner that we have not seen for three years.  Great conversation was had over multiple dark beers.  He introduced me to Port and beer (add a shot of port to your dark beer).  But I think Mark deserves his own post later when I have more time.


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