Exploring Forest Service Road Along I-70

We were on I-70 (yes, interstate.  US 50 and I-70 run together in central Utah) about 15 miles east of Salina, Utah.  We noticed a US Forest Service road running along the interstate.  Mary saw that the forest service road went through two tunnels. About 8 miles later there was an exit with a small US Forest Service picnic area.  Time to go exploring!

We pulled into the picnic area, had lunch, unhooked the camper and headed back up the mountain following the gravel road.




The tunnels were very tall.  We were guessing they were tunnels for an old, long gone railroad.

Further up the road we found an old mining site (we guessed).


We hiked up to the little building.  We are not sure what is was used for.  The was a 2 inch pipe that came up into the building and went out the roof.


View from the building back down the mountain.

And of course Sydney was patiently waiting for our return.



About Carl & Mary

Two crazy individuals who enjoy old trucks, life in the slow lane (off the Interstates), and observing life in the United States.
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