Beekeeper’s Winter Task – Frame Building

Frame building is a late winter / early spring task for the beekeeping.  In this post I show how I build the frames.

The pieces and parts – Top bar, two end bars, bottom bar, nails, eyelets, and wire.

Frames 1

Inserting the eyelets – The eyelets are inserted into the end bars.  The eyelets prevent the support wire from cutting into the wood of the end bar.

Frames 2

Frames 3

Frames 4

Frames 5

Removing the cleat from the Top Bar

Frames 6

Frames 7

Nailing the End Bar to the Top Bar – The end bar is also glued to the top bar for added strength.

Frames 9

Frames 10

Nailing the Bottom Bar to the End Bars – I use a grooved bottom bar.

Frames 11

Frames 12

Stringing the support wire – The support wire holds the wax foundation in place until the bees have finished drawing the honey comb out.  The end bars have holes for four wires, but I only use two wires.

Frames 13

Frames 14

Tightening the wire – The end is crimped between the two wheels of the crimper.  This tightens the wire.  It gets tight enough to have a guitar string twang.

Frames 15Close up of the eyelet with the wire

Frames 16

Finished frame ready for wax foundation

Frames 17

Inserting the wax foundation – Foundation is a thin sheet of wax embossed with a honeycomb pattern.  The honey bees will draw out the comb as they make wax.  The bees use ten pounds of honey to make one pound of wax.

Frames 18The foundation has vertical wires to support the wax.

Frames 19

The cleat is nailed in place to hold the top of the foundation

Frames 20

The support wires are embedded in the wax with a spur embedder

Frames 21

Finished frame ready for the hive

Frames 23

Here are photos of the frame when the ladies are finished drawing out the honey comb.



One down and only 56 more to go.


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