Catching a Swarm

Wednesday afternoon and I am at work.  I get a text from Mary, The Reluctant Beekeeper.

20160511_124057_HDR1There is a swarm in the nectarine tree.  But even though she doesn’t really enjoy it, The Reluctant Beekeeper has it covered and gets the queen into an empty hive.

20160511_1305371The workers are trying to join the queen in the hive.

Soon the new hive is settled in with the other hives in the yard.

20160511_1357291The swarm came from the tall hive on the right.

Thanks to The Reluctant Beekeeper for catching the swarm.


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Tightening Support Wires on Bee Hive Frames

Here is a short video I created that demonstrates what happens when you crimp the support wires.  They go from a badly out of tune wire to a wire with a “sort of in tune” twang.